#068 – Hypochondria

I’m such a hypochondriac. As I’ve gotten older it has become worse. As a kid I would like getting unwell because it meant the day off school. These days I worry about every ache and pain. From head to toe I get overwhelmed with the sensation that I’m dying. I’m almost convinced of this. I’llContinue reading “#068 – Hypochondria”

#059 – The Seaford Program

About ten years ago I found accommodation in a mental health program that supported people with mental illness issues. Now that I look back at my time there I cringe. It was like being at school again. I was put into a unit with a guy called Matt. He was a nice but complicated chap.Continue reading “#059 – The Seaford Program”

#038 – Insight Into My Illness

I think I have good insight into my illness. I’m often reassured by people that I come across as being ‘normal’ and I’m sure they wouldn’t have any reason to believe that I’m different in any way unless they spent some time with me and knew my history. My scars (Blog #29) sometimes gives itContinue reading “#038 – Insight Into My Illness”