#044 – Psychiatric Admission – Day 11

It’s 4:30am and I am wide awake. The nurses encourage me to go back to bed but I figure I might aw well be up doing something rather than tossing and turning in bed. I didn’t have as much joy on my new seeping med’s as the previous night. Typical bloody benzo’s. I build upContinue reading “#044 – Psychiatric Admission – Day 11”

#037 – Psychiatric Admission – Day 9

I’m starting to realise that this whole blog is basically for me. It gets very few views and I don’t give out the site address to people I know. It’s like a personal diary. From day one the main purpose of the blog was a tool to keep me busy during the long days inContinue reading “#037 – Psychiatric Admission – Day 9”

#006 – Psychiatric Admission – Day Two

 Another day in paradise. There is very little to report on. I spent almost the entire day sitting in the communal lounge staring at my laptop. I’ve been trying to work out this blog website. For something as simple as posting blogs the website is pretty intense. There has been a bit to learn. SoContinue reading “#006 – Psychiatric Admission – Day Two”

#001 – Welcome to this Mess!

Welcome to all. As I sit here on my hospital bed I ponder what got me to this place again? Lets get it out there… This is my 14th psychiatric admission in as many years. Where does one start?! Do I begin with my first psychotic attack? My stay in the Intensive Care Unit atContinue reading “#001 – Welcome to this Mess!”