#058 – Psychiatric Admission – Day 16

I wonder if I’ll ever get better? I look back over the last 15 years and I don’t feel like I’ve made any progress over this time. I’ve tried every medication under the sun, spent hours talking to psychiatrists and been hospitalised so many times I’ve lost count… and for what!? If anything has improved it’s the manner in which I manage all of my symptoms. I’ve got good insight into my illness (Blog #045) and I’m in control for the best part of the time. I hope I’m always going to be able to differentiate between reality and wonderland. It’s a scary thought that things could possibly get worse.

My shrink has put in my notes that I am to leave the hospital and take walks more often. He also wants me to do the groups. I’ve been adamant in the past that I was not to do groups but I’m a little more open to it this time around. It’s not like I’m doing anything else with my time. I’ve partaken in so many groups in the past that they do little for me. I guess a little re-enforcement doesn’t hurt. I’m only doing what I’m told.

Published by aperfecttool83

I'm a 37 year old who lives in Melbourne Australia. I have many interests but I want to base this blog on my mental health. I have schizophrenia, depression & anxiety. I have 15 years experience with psychiatrists and I have had close to 20 hospital admissions. I plan on writing about my delusions, voices, paranoia, depression and how to deal with them psychiatrists :) I really hope this blog can help someone. Please feel free to contact me and I promise to get back to you. Have a nice day!

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