#053 – My Tinfoil Hat

I’m a conspiracy theorist through and through. I know this is sometimes a symptom of schizophrenia but I tend to only believe in conspiracies that are provable. I’m not one of these these people who believes the earth is flat which is a theory that is gaining popularity and I’m not sure if the world is run by reptilians. I also don’t fall for a conspiracy unless I have done my research. Over the last decade I have read numerous books and watched tonnes of videos on YouTube (before it became ridiculously censored) There is so much going on in the world and even if only a fraction of these conspiracies is true it’s enough to put the fear in you. This is a condensed post. There is so much to cover I could write pages on some of the below topics:

UFO’s and extraterrestrials, the new world order, chemtrails, the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, the Builderberg group, fluoride in the drinking water, martial law, crop circles, deep underground military bases, Area 51, FEMA camps, the federal reserve, the moon landing, the JFK assassination, subliminal advertising, Satanic cults, big pharma, secret societies, 5G, the pyramids of Giza, MK Ultra mind control, mass shootings that are staged by the government and the list continues.

My favourite ‘conspiracy’ of all time is 911. This is one that fascinates me. Unfortunately you won’t find any content on YouTube. Several years ago there were plenty of in depth videos but you won’t find these anymore. They were too threatening to the establishment. Read David Ickes book ‘ The Trigger’ and you will see the events that occurred on that day in a different light. As with so many other things the government has lied to us on so many different levels when it comes to these attacks. You can purchase his book here. It’s close to a thousand pages so some commitment is needed. The Trigger : The Lie That Changed the World Other authors I would recommend are Jim Marrs, William Cooper and Alex Jones.

I don’t think these interests are part of my illness. My psychiatrists might disagree. I simply have a passion for knowledge that for the most part is hidden from the public. We are under complete mind control produced by the government, major mainstream news stations and the television. It’s important to know this. You have to know your enemy.

Published by aperfecttool83

I'm a 37 year old who lives in Melbourne Australia. I have many interests but I want to base this blog on my mental health. I have schizophrenia, depression & anxiety. I have 15 years experience with psychiatrists and I have had close to 20 hospital admissions. I plan on writing about my delusions, voices, paranoia, depression and how to deal with them psychiatrists :) I really hope this blog can help someone. Please feel free to contact me and I promise to get back to you. Have a nice day!

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