#049 – Psychiatric Admission – Day 12

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you” – Joseph Heller

I sometimes think people are out to get me. The police always scare me. Sometimes when I’m out in public I think people are following me. I’m very conscious about being tracked on the phone and through the television and internet. There is some truth to the the internet. Big Brother is watching us. 1984 is happening right now.

As for today it is a Sunday so the nurses are limited, most of the patients, not that there are many of them, are all on day leave so I have the place to myself. This is how I like it. I settle into the place that is known as ‘Dave’s couch’ where I spend almost the whole day. At least I’m not hibernating in my room. I’m spending time around people which is not like me at all. Perhaps I’m getting better? Maybe the new med”s are starting to kick in? I’m feeling pretty well within myself which I haven’t said for a while. Maybe things are on the up?

Published by aperfecttool83

I'm a 37 year old who lives in Melbourne Australia. I have many interests but I want to base this blog on my mental health. I have schizophrenia, depression & anxiety. I have 15 years experience with psychiatrists and I have had close to 20 hospital admissions. I plan on writing about my delusions, voices, paranoia, depression and how to deal with them psychiatrists :) I really hope this blog can help someone. Please feel free to contact me and I promise to get back to you. Have a nice day!

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